Nicole, Nick and Blu Ocean, we together are the Ocean family!



Mom and Her Teenage Son, Escape Familiarity By Going On Various Road Trips All Around the U.S.A.


My name is Nicole Ocean. I am a proud, long-time single Mom with an entrepreneur drive and a virtual software company that I can work at anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection.

I am all about trying my best to live life to its fullest potential, being better than I was yesterday, living a balanced life and trying my darnest to have a very good day every single day. I know Santa Rosa Beach, Florida very well and feel that we live in paradise, well except for during summertime, it’s way too hot here!

We have found the perfect solution to escaping the heat and humidity of Florida each summer by going on extended road trips with my son, Nick Surfer Ocean and our rescue dog named Blu.

Blu Ocean

My son, Nick is almost 16 years young and is a one-in-a-million kid. (What parent doesn’t think that about their kid, right!) He is very playful, creative, happy, outgoing and enjoys making friends. He, like anyone wants to share his knowledge with others and is eager to please. Nick is a typical kid for his age, he loves to be active, to take pics with his fancy professional camera, he is really good at drawing too. He’s also passionate about long-board skateboarding, boating and fishing, working out, traveling, learn new things, check out museums and historical spots and some days just plain hanging out with friends and such.

Nick has a real talent for photography and is the perfect tour guide, he finds really neat places for us to check out that I would never be able to find myself.

Together as a different type of family, we are fun-loving, easy-going, knowledgeable and respectful people that are just trying to enjoy life a day-at-a-time.


  • Live each day as if it were your last
  • Love with all your heart
  • Follow your passions and what makes you feel fully alive
  • Rely on yourself first for your happiness
  • Take full responsibility and ownership over your choices
  • Catch up on your sleep when you die
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated